About Mentor

MENTOR offers a wide spectrum of IAS, PCS and other education and career guidance programmes. The curriculum for these programmes is constantly updated in keeping pace with dynamic environments. Learning is further enhanced by conducting periodical workshops and personal-contact-programmes. The approach to education is founded on constant innovation, development of practical knowledge and a relentless commitment to traditional academic quality. The range of programmes imparted through various modes of learning. MENTOR has always been known as synonyms to success.

Victory is a trend & tradition here, no matter what ever the battle is. The finest thing about this success is its consistency not only in IAS & PCS but also in all the State and National Level Competitive Examinations.

It's our conviction that individuals operates and deliver their best only when they are suitably trained to manage themselves and their potential. Integral to this, our courses address the following concerns :

  • An over view about what it takes to be civil servant.
  • The ability to integrate relevant issues on holistic viewpoint.
  • The powerful distinction between answer writing requisites according to the demands of a question.
  • The control and the skill to create effective and novel insights into otherwise obvious issues.
  • The art of powerful presentation— in person and in the written or the spoken word.
  • The ability to communicate one's viewpoint with confidence and conviction and that accurately and effectively.

The students of our institute will definitely get their way along and will climb the ladders of success. Our staff, infrastructure, teaching style is far different and better from others. We are continuously making improvements in order to provide the best teaching facilities to our students.